Lately I’ve been finding more and more ways to convert my lifestyle to incorporate more all-natural & traditional ways of eating (and living)! I’m on my way to becoming a “real foodie” — taking baby steps, of course.  But any improvement is better than no improvement at all, and I’ve already come a long way! (More on this in next week’s Back to Basics post)

This video was released just in time for this week’s Back to Basics segment & I thought it’d be the PERFECT way to explain to everyone what direction I’m moving towards and how/why.

In this video, you’re introduced to Sarah of Reading her blog is what initially made me become interested in a traditional/real foods lifestyle.  I learned SO much from reading her blog, as well as other blogs & sources from the world of real foods.  Everything I learned made perfect sense to me.  And although I question everything, this one was a no brainer.  There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be living how our ancestors did years ago. I already had this mind-set anyway, even before I knew about the community of people who live/eat traditionally.  (Remember, before I was interested in the food aspect of it, I already eliminated the use of store bought skin care products & cleaning products by using all natural products that I made myself.  Also, I already started going No ‘Poo way before I was reading into real foods!)  — It all fell into place with what I’ve been trying to do myself this entire time.

Although I’ve been trying to post informational posts for my Back to Basics posts lately, these next few B2B posts will be going in the direction of what I’m doing, specifically, to go Back to Basics and eat and live more traditionally (without the processed, chemical-filled junk).  I’ll use this weeks video post as a preview and overview of what’s to come.

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