Food Revolution

I’m sad that Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (TV show on ABC) is over, but what Jamie did is just the start of the food revolution throughout America… (I hope, and so far it seems!)

Jamie Oliver is a British Chef who strives to eliminate the processed, unhealthy foods we eat on a daily basis.  He started by campaigning for British school children to have healthier foods available to them while at school.  After being successful with the British school meals, Jamie moved onto the everyday people in England.  Jamie Oliver had a television show in England called “Jamie’s Ministry of Food” which allowed him to inspire people to cook fresh, healthy foods for daily meals. 

In 2009, Jamie came to the U.S. and introduced a television show called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” with the goal to change the way American’s eat.  Jamie strives to change the eating habits of every day people.  Unhealthy fast food and processed slop for school lunches are two of the things Jamie is passionately trying to eliminate from the lives of Americans.  Having fresh, nutritious lunches in our schools is extremely important.  As Jamie says, your child is in school from (approx) 4 - 18 years old. That’s a lot of years in the beginning stages of their lives to continuously eat pre-packaged, processed food filled with tons of sugar, high sodium, and the very least amount of nutrients.

Jamie continuously proves his point using creative tactics to catch people’s attention and leave an impression. In an episode of Season 2 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Jamie tries to convince a single father of two that his family’s daily fast food habits are unhealthy and not cost effective.  To do this, Jamie fills the family’s living room with fast food — as much fast food as they eat in one year.  The father is disgusted by what he’s been feeding his kids, and he admits to wanting change, but claims that fast food is convenient, and that he simply can’t cook.  Jamie fixed that.  He showed the kid’s father how easy it is to cook a fresh, healthy meal in 30 minutes. He did this by first teaching the kids how to cook a meal for their father, while their father went out to grab fast food for the family of three.  The purpose of this was to compare how long it took to prepare a fresh meal vs. how long it takes to grab fast food.  Jamie also did a price comparison, per person, between both meals.  The results?  It took the father longer to go get fast food and bring it home, while spending more money per person.  The kid’s cooked a healthy meal at home, using fresh ingredients, and it was ready to eat before their father returned.  This also proved that cooking fresh at home was more cost effective than eating fast food meals.

Jamie’s right.  It’s not hard to cook in order to stay away from unhealthy foods.  Even if you think you don’t know how — learn! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to put something healthy together and create a delicious meal. There are tons of recipes available on the internet. If you can read and follow directions, you can cook.  And no excuses if you’re more of a visual person, there’s YouTube for that.  The step-by-step “how to” videos couldn’t make it any easier.

Fresh food is always the way to go. Ya know, you are what you eat.  This mindset should extend into school lunches as well. Check out Jamie’s website here and make sure to sign the petition to support Jamie’s Food Revolution and remove unhealthy lunches from schools around America: 
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution - U.S. Foundation

Join the 706,168 people who already have.

You will also find some great links to the facts about school lunches, films and books to become better informed about the food you eat, news updates, other school food campaigns going on right now, food blogs, and Jamie’s own recipes.

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