"26 Philadelphia schools losing full-service kitchens"

This is NOT good.   (click above to read full-length article)

26 schools will replace fresh, cooked lunches with pre-packaged, processed, microwavable meals.  Not to mention, all of these 26 schools are elementary and middle schools! 

This goes against the most important argument by made Jamie Oliver.  If you missed my post about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, you can read it here.

It is extremely important for elementary and middle school children, especially, to have healthy meals available to them throughout the school year since the majority of their time is spent in school, and those meals make up a good amount of their nutrition.  For some children, especially in poorer areas where these full-service kitchens are being removed, a school meal is their most nutritious meal.  With kitchens being removed from these 26 schools, that nutritious meal is no longer available to them.

Sign the Petition to keep these kitchens, so that the thousands of kids attending these schools will be able to have at least one freshly prepared meal per day.

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