Dangers of Water Fluoridation

Water fluoridation is unnecessary and should not be added to drinking water.  Fluoride is added to drinking water (even bottled water is sold with added fluoride) to help prevent cavities and tooth decay, specifically in children.
However, according to the US Center for Disease Control & Prevention, it does not provide substantial benefits to oral health. For these reasons, a civil rights group, the League of United Latin American Citizens, is opposing water fluoridation.  Read full article of this civil rights group’s fight here: Civil Rights Group Adopts Resolution Opposing Water Fluoridation

Consuming too much fluoride during the development of tooth cells (which obviously takes place during childhood) can cause a condition called Dental Fluorosis.  Dental Fluorosis causes the teeth to become brittle and discolored (white and brown spots).

Excessive amounts of fluoride consumption may also cause additional health problems.

For more information on water fluoridation, as well as why and how you should avoid fluoride, visit the Fluoride Action Network here: www.fluoridealert.org

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