Sh*t Crunchy/Natural Mamas Say - Part 2!

Because I posted part 1 previously, I feel obligated to post the newest one.

Check out part 1 here.

"Johnson & Johnson Gently Poisons Babies With Its Shampoo"

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I’ve posted about this a while ago, but this is an updated article with newer information.

PS: If you read some of the comments below the article, people give alternative shampoos to use for babies (rather than the more expensive Johnson & Johnson Naturals shampoo product).  In my opinion, you actually don’t need to wash a baby’s hair at all.  Check out my post on going Shampoo Free and the same applies to babies.  Actually, you technically don’t ever need to begin washing a baby’s hair from the infant stages.  A gentle “no ‘poo” rinse (see previous blog post, linked above) will do.  Hair is naturally self-cleansing and self-controlling if you never mess with it’s cycle to begin with.  Artificial cleansers and detergents (which is what commercial shampoos are with all those chemicals involved) only cause damage to hair follicles and eliminate our hair’s naturally ability to control oil production.  In other words, baby shampoo is unnecessary to begin with. Especially if using an all natural (REALLY all natural) shampoo is out of the question (due to either availability or cost).


Baby Lions with Their Mothers

Genetically Modified: Toxic Chemicals in Our Food, and Us.

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This is horrible! And seriously upsetting.

93% of Unborn Babies were found to have traces of toxic chemicals in their bloodstream linked to pesticides associated with genetically modified foods.

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"Genetically Modified Foods", and "Monsanto" — read, read, read.

Read a quick Q&A about Genetically Modified foods here:,0,4914034.story

There are also tons of great documentaries regarding this issue (as well as other similar issues) on Netflix….and if you don’t have Netflix, I just found out about this awesome website:  — Watch full-length documentaries, for FREE!! It’s separated into categories: Health, Environment, etc.  If you click on the HEALTH category, you’ll find some very very very informative documentaries.  Here’s just a few (regarding our food):

I plan on watching lots of documentaries on this website, so I’m sure I’ll have others to recommend in the future!

PS:  I just made my first purchase from a local farmer’s market a few days ago, & this week while grocery shopping bought organic as much as possible. — I’m now attempting to make the switch. At the very least for produce!