Raw Milk Vending Machines in France

Because I skipped the Back to Basics post yesterday (Sorry! Busy lately)…here’s an article (by NaturalNews) that I’ve read recently…it’s quite interesting, and I’m quite jealous:

"While California persecutes raw milk farmers, France unveils raw milk vending machines for happy, healthy consumers"


Check out this graphic by NaturalNews.com which shows a great & simplified comparison of Raw vs. Pasteurized milk


Check out this graphic by NaturalNews.com which shows a great & simplified comparison of Raw vs. Pasteurized milk


Back to Basics: The Organic Milk Deception

Organic milk (from a grocery store) may not be what you think it is.  It really makes me sad to see people at grocery stores spending double the price of regular, pasteurized milk, because they think they are doing good for themselves by buying “organic” milk.  See, the problem is that organic milk brands such as Horizon and Organic Valley ultra-pasteurize their organic milk, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. (NOTE: Organic Valley DOES sell organic milk that is traditionally pasteurized, & not ultra-pasteurized, but I’ve noticed most stores only stock the ultra-pasteurized variety.  Look out for that and if it’s ultra-pasteurized, don’t buy it.  At least I wouldn’t…what a waste of money.)

"Organic" milk can easily win a consumer over by the USDA Organic stamp alone.  But those won over simply by the idea of organic, ultra-pasteurized milk probably don’t completely understand the process of ultra-pasteurization, what it does, and how.  Here’s the breakdown:

The cows are hormone, anti-biotic, and steroid free.  (This is, obviously, a good thing, and is better than the antibiotic and hormone laced milk we get from conventional store bought milk).  However, ultra-pasteurized organic milk is pasteurized even more than the regular, non-organic milk (which doesn’t make any sense to me!). — The milk is heated beyond what it needs to be heated to in order to sell regular, pasteurized milk (hence the name, ULTRA-pasteurized).  The organic milk is heated to a temperature of 280 degrees (F), in comparison to regular pasteurization temperature of about 161 degrees (F).    The high temp pasteurization kills so much of the natural nutrients & enzymes in the milk itself that the milk you end up drinking is completely dead and nutrition-less.  The milk is so dead that the ultra-pasteurized milk sold by these brands does not even need to be refrigerated.  They have an extended shelf life, and can remain unrefrigerated for up to 6 months — ever see those little individual cartons of Horizon or Organic Valley milk that are sold on the shelves/in the aisles of grocery stores rather than in the refrigerated section?  Yep, that’s why.  And the 1/2 gallons and gallons of ultra-pasteurized organic milk that is sold in the refrigerated section is only to appease the minds of consumers, and to have the product be sold where the other milk products are sold — not everyone feels comfortable buying milk that hasn’t been refrigerated…and rightfully so.

Additionally, milk proteins are very fragile, and high heat such as the heat ultra-pasteurized milk is subjected to, damages milk proteins so badly that our bodies can no longer properly digest or recognize that protein.  Because our bodies enzymes can only properly digest undamaged milk proteins, the milk proteins end up undigested and often leak into the bloodstream. (Since practically all of us who have had been eating a modern day diet have some form of what is called “leaky gut”. - find out more about how this works in the answer segment here). When the proteins enter the bloodstream, your body creates an immune response since it cannot recognize those proteins.  The immune response your body creates turns out as the many symptoms of auto immune disorders, including: allergies, asthma, fatigue, eczema, infections, headaches, etc. The immune response your body creates can possibly, overtime, create dairy allergies and intolerances.

But of course, regular pasteurized, hormone and antibiotic filled, store bought milk from confined cows isn’t healthy either.  So what’s the best option?

Raw Milk fresh from a farm!  Raw milk is the most nutritious milk you can get (talk about getting your money’s worth…), and It’s really not much more ($) than the ultra-pasteurized organic milk you may have been buying already…really!  It may even be around the same price depending on where you live.  There are most likely farm co-ops that deliver to your area, or even to your door, so seek one out (no excuses)!  If farm fresh raw milk is absolutely not an option (maybe your not as lucky as I am to have local farm co-op’s deliver when the nearest farm is way too far), shop for low pasteurized, organic milk!  It DOES exist, but you’ll have to go out of your way to find it.  It most likely also has to come directly from a local farm, but check your local Whole Foods.  Whole Foods stocks local products, so that may be your best bet if you can’t find it at a farmers market.  If I run out of raw milk, I either go without, or buy Natural By Nature organic, grass-fed (grass-fed is also an important factor of any dairy product!…more on this another time), low-pasteurized milk .   And it’s local too!

Farm Fresh Milk Warning

Nourishing Our Children shared this picture via Facebook so I had to post it here.

Check out Nourishing Our Children’s overview of raw milk vs. pasteurized milk here.


"Rawesome Foods founder to be prosecuted under special 'environmental crimes' unit"

UPDATE from my last blog post:  The three people who were arrested in yesterday’s raid of Rawesome (the all natural, members-only food store that sold raw/unpasteurized milk products) are now being prosecuted by an “Environmental Crimes” unit, rather than by the LA County District Attorney. Apparently we now have this unit of “green police” — and it’s only the beginning!

Please read this entire article.  What the writer says is entirely true (specifically the end portion of the article), and it is absolutely crazy and ridiculous.

"Raw Food Raid: Armed Agents Bust Raw Milk & Cheese Sellers"

This is absolutely ridiculous…everything from the unnecessary raid, to the $123,000 bail. Rather than just sending a letter, or taking another approach to shut down an organic & natural foods vendor, this shut down apparently required representatives from three government agencies and an entire SWAT team (guns and all) to raid a vendor who privately sold farm goods (such as organic raw milk and cheese) to it’s share members.

Rather than raid drug dealers, or worry about other actual problems that this country is facing, Fed agencies are concerned with shutting down natural food sources (farms and vendors). This isn’t the first time this has happened.  This one just happened to be from today (in California).  These kinds of raids on natural foods happen all the time…it’s just an underground issue that much of the public is unaware of.  Hmmm…a little fishy.  People are actually getting extremely healthy & nutritious foods from these sources (more healthy than what you’d buy from a grocery store), but nope, the gov’t agencies wouldn’t want that for the American people. Keep eating your arsenic chicken and of course, drink your pasteurized milk. (Look out for a future post about why RAW milk is actually BETTER for you than pasteurized…even if you’re buying organic milk).

Click link above for more information on this raid and the “war on raw milk" — Google that alone and you’ll find lots of articles and information regarding this issue.  The ban on raw dairy takes away your freedom of choosing what you eat or drink…absurd.

Back to Basics: Water Vs. Juice

With temperatures reaching extreme record highs in Philly today, I thought it would be best to dedicate this week’s Back to Basics post to hydration — and the importance of going back to basics and drinking water instead of juice/soda (especially for kids!).

Although some might find it hard to believe, even 100% fruit juice, with no sugar added, is just as bad as drinking a can of soda.  Some doctors are now saying that if you’re going to be drinking (or giving your kid) a cup of juice, you (or your child) will be taking in just as much sugar and calories as drinking soda.  (Although the slight nutrition that comes from fruit juice vs. soda is obviously better, especially if your juice doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients, as soda does).  But even still, the large amount of sugar in fruit juice outweighs any small amount of nutritional value that fruit juices have.  These sugars will not only cause tooth decay and increase calorie intake, but will also further dehydrate the body. 

According to Dr. David Ludwig, a pediatric obesity expert at Children’s Hospital Boston, "what is needed to replace fluid loss and satisfy thirst is the same beverage we’ve been drinking for millions of years, and that’s water." — and I agree! The use of fruit juice, soda, and other sugar-water beverages as thirst quenchers has only become popular more recently, in the mid to late 1900’s.  Before then, the primary thirst quenching drink was water, and milk was used for added nutritional value. 

Water is the absolute only drink that will truly hydrate your body and quench thirst.  Not to mention, the only “fruit juice” with higher nutritional value is fresh-pressed juice (not processed, store-bought juice boxes and such).  If you are pressing juice yourself with a juice press and storing the juice yourself, then I’d consider juice (in that form) a more healthy, flavorful beverage in moderation.  However, due to its natural sugar content & lack of fiber (since the rest of the fruit is usually discarded), stick to eating fruit whole, and drinking water!

Go Back to Basics and stick with water as a primary beverage. Kick the soda and juice habit…ASAP!

http://www.hookedonjuice.com/  — click this link to get some real facts about fruit juice, and to also visit other websites regarding the unhealthiness of fruit juice (and soda).

"Juice as Bad as Soda, Docs Say - CBS NEWS" — News article regarding this issue.