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Nina Planck talks about real food vs. industrial food, & the myths we’ve been told (and mostly still believe, unfortunately).

Farm Fresh Milk Warning

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Check out Nourishing Our Children’s overview of raw milk vs. pasteurized milk here.


"World's Oldest Person Found Thriving in the Amazon"

Photo credit: Survival International

Maria Lucimar Pereira, the world’s oldest living person, is 121 years old!  Her birth records date back to 1890, in Brazil, where she currently lives in the Amazon.  According to the article linked above, the 121 year old credits her longevity to an active lifestyle with a diet of local meats, & locally grown fruits and vegetables — which includes NO additional salt, sugar, or preservatives that the majority of our “food” is filled with these days. 

And those are the exact principles of eating “real food” or “traditional foods” — Maria Lucimar Pereira is a “real foodie” by nature.

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Back to Basics: Why RAW MILK is better for you (a summarized explanation)

Due to Wednesday’s SWAT team raid of Rawsome, the seller of raw milk in California, this week’s Back to Basics post will be in regards to raw (unpasteurized) milk, and why it is better for you than conventional/pasteurized milk that all of us buy at the grocery store.  And yes, raw milk actually goes back to basics  — our ancestors drank only raw, unpasteurized milk at one point…actually, for years!

In my quest for a healthier lifestyle, I’ve been introduced to “real foods”/”traditional foods” — the concept of eating truly healthy and nutrient dense foods, healthy fats & oils, and leaving refined sugars and processed foods out of the picture.  (I’ll save the details of other Real Foods in future Back to Basics posts).  To begin, however, I’ll focus on nutrient dense Raw Milk  (also known as: “Real Milk”).

Pasteurized milk was once raw milk that was heated to such a high degree that it kills off all of the “harmful” bacteria…meanwhile, it also completely destroys all of the GOOD bacteria (that our stomachs love & thrive of off), and kills all of the nutrients that raw milk is filled with. Raw milk only becomes a problem when the cows are not raised properly (producing unhealthy cows) or when the milk is mishandled.  With healthy, pastured cows, the beneficial bacteria in raw milk flourishes. Raw milk from grass-fed, free roaming cows is safe (when handled properly), whereas raw milk from factory farmed, confined, feed-lot fed cows is not.  Pastured cows eat a natural diet of foods that they are supposed to eat/food that they would eat in nature.  Given their natural diet, pastured cows have a balanced pH in their stomachs which becomes present in their milk supply. 

The milk that is sold in conventional grocery stores mostly comes from factory farms where cows get practically no sunlight, are shoved into small stalls where there movement is limited, and they stand on concrete filled with their own feces. They do not get to roam around on pasture like they are supposed to, and definitely are not fed a good, natural diet that they are supposed to be fed. Also, from living in the conditions that they are forced to live in, the cows often become sick and are given antibiotics to allow them to keep producing milk.  THIS kind of milk MUST be pasteurized because of how disgustingly MESSED up the milk is to begin with (filled with pus from udder infections, etc). A healthy cow, who is pastured, is allowed to roam around in natural sunlight, and eat a healthy diet since they eat the grass that they live on (how nature intended cows to live & eat).  These healthy, happy cows produce healthy, nutrient dense milk filled with beneficial bacteria, minerals, and enzymes.

Of course, there’s a very small risk in drinking raw milk (as with any food, really), but the risk here has been proven to be so small that you’d have a greater chance of getting sick or some kind of disease from mishandled meats, or other foods (think of the E.coli outbreak with that bagged spinach, or any other food recalls you can think of) — it can happen with anything, any time (people even get sick from pasteurized milk!)   So you take a risk with everything you eat.  What’s important is to do the research and make informed decisions, weighing out the pros & cons.  To me, it seems that the small risk involved with consuming raw milk is worth it, considering that it’s better for you and the cows the milk comes from are HEALTHY cows.  After looking into it, processed, antibiotic filled pasteurized milk seems pointless even. Adding chemicals and killing off all of the nutrients…what’s the point of drinking it?

In any situation, raw milk should be purchased only from a trusted farm/farmer.  It is important to find out their animal-raising methods and how their milk is obtained and handled. At some farms, farmers go above and beyond to make sure their raw milk is safe for consumption by performing extra tests on their milk supply.  Of course, people with compromised immune systems should be extra careful and stay away from anything unpasteurized (in my opinion, unless the issue is properly researched).

I’ll post more info on “real food” diets in future Back to Basics posts (to document & share everything I’m learning/doing to lead a healthier lifestyle). Meanwhile, do your research & support local & organic farming whenever you can! (I’m trying, and transitioning!)  Feel free to message/ask any questions you have  :)

"Rawesome Foods founder to be prosecuted under special 'environmental crimes' unit"

UPDATE from my last blog post:  The three people who were arrested in yesterday’s raid of Rawesome (the all natural, members-only food store that sold raw/unpasteurized milk products) are now being prosecuted by an “Environmental Crimes” unit, rather than by the LA County District Attorney. Apparently we now have this unit of “green police” — and it’s only the beginning!

Please read this entire article.  What the writer says is entirely true (specifically the end portion of the article), and it is absolutely crazy and ridiculous.

"Raw Food Raid: Armed Agents Bust Raw Milk & Cheese Sellers"

This is absolutely ridiculous…everything from the unnecessary raid, to the $123,000 bail. Rather than just sending a letter, or taking another approach to shut down an organic & natural foods vendor, this shut down apparently required representatives from three government agencies and an entire SWAT team (guns and all) to raid a vendor who privately sold farm goods (such as organic raw milk and cheese) to it’s share members.

Rather than raid drug dealers, or worry about other actual problems that this country is facing, Fed agencies are concerned with shutting down natural food sources (farms and vendors). This isn’t the first time this has happened.  This one just happened to be from today (in California).  These kinds of raids on natural foods happen all the time…it’s just an underground issue that much of the public is unaware of.  Hmmm…a little fishy.  People are actually getting extremely healthy & nutritious foods from these sources (more healthy than what you’d buy from a grocery store), but nope, the gov’t agencies wouldn’t want that for the American people. Keep eating your arsenic chicken and of course, drink your pasteurized milk. (Look out for a future post about why RAW milk is actually BETTER for you than pasteurized…even if you’re buying organic milk).

Click link above for more information on this raid and the “war on raw milk" — Google that alone and you’ll find lots of articles and information regarding this issue.  The ban on raw dairy takes away your freedom of choosing what you eat or drink…absurd.