"World's Oldest Person Found Thriving in the Amazon"

Photo credit: Survival International

Maria Lucimar Pereira, the world’s oldest living person, is 121 years old!  Her birth records date back to 1890, in Brazil, where she currently lives in the Amazon.  According to the article linked above, the 121 year old credits her longevity to an active lifestyle with a diet of local meats, & locally grown fruits and vegetables — which includes NO additional salt, sugar, or preservatives that the majority of our “food” is filled with these days. 

And those are the exact principles of eating “real food” or “traditional foods” — Maria Lucimar Pereira is a “real foodie” by nature.

Full article from Treehugger.com



It’s ridiculous how toxic the world has become…at least make changes where you can within your own home, and for your family. This is something I take extremely serious.

Become informed, and share the knowledge.


Yep…we are each in our own little “bubble” where we only receive pre-selected information that has been filtered to suit our wants & needs.  That’s right, even on the INTERNET.